​Retaining Walls


Retaining walls are fixtures that we can put in to block the lateral pressure that is applied by soil in certain situations. Here, we are talking about basements, sidewalk, landscaping needs and much much more. We are there for you from point A to point Z and we always will be. It is this that creates the difference between us and some of the other contractors that we have come across out there. Get in touch to get yourself to the front of the queue now. At Kingwood Concrete Contractors, we have worked with a long line of happy customers in the past and we would love to add your name to that list.


When you do work on your garden, especially if you are doing it with a company like us, who goes the extra mile to give you the changes you need, then you might need to look at a retaining wall to help you out a little bit. Here, we like to offer them in situations where there has been a change in gradient. In these situations, you will be looking for something that will keep the look of your garden crisp and angular, while making sure that none of the soil slips in your new design. It is something that has proven to be a life saver for many people out there.


When you need to get a basement fitted, changed, renovated, or worked on in any way, there is going to be a danger to the soil that surrounds it. The reason for this is because he soil has normally not been disturbed for quite a long time. When it is, the air bubbles and the density will change, meaning that you will be left with something that does not repel water in the same way that you are used to. In these situations, you are more likely to get flooding, as well as slipping. A retaining wall can provide the perfect antidote to this kind of slippage and we would love to give you one.

Any Size

We have the tools, the equipment and the experience to be able to handle retaining wall jobs of any shape and size. It is something that we have been doing for long enough to have broken the code. That means all you need to do is get in touch and we will come over and do our thing. Before you know it, you will have a retaining wall that is perfect for your needs and you will be recommending us to all of your friends and neighbors.

Get In Touch!

The only thing left for you to do at this juncture is to get in touch with us. We will come and perform free inspections, as well as give you the time to get your points across in a clear and simple way. Our clients love working with us because of these reasons and we will continue to offer the highest qualities for a long time to come. Get in touch with us today!