There are few companies that are able to offer you the kind of customer service that we can and we are happy to be at the top of the mountain when it comes to customer satisfaction rates. The reason we decided that we wanted to be this kind of service was because we were becoming increasingly frustrated by the standard of customer communication by companies that we were using in our private lives. There is no other way to say it. We decided that we had the opportunity to be the antidote to this and it gave us the fuel we needed to keep growing and developing on this endeavor. The reason why you will often find yourself talking to a robot or being redirected to a website when you send an email or call a company, is because they don’t want to have to pay their staff enough to stay on and work, or pay more staff to develop a large enough customer service team. We pay the money that is necessary because we really feel that there are few companies better placed than us to change the landscape in this area. We think customers are the most important asset we have and that is why we do what we do. As such, we are ready to communicate in whichever way you want to from today onwards. This is a very useful resource for all clients. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to make the next step.